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In memory of our friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Ross, the Victoria Medical Society and the surgeons of South Vancouver Island are pleased to create this scholarship to be rewarded to deserving Island Medical Program students pursuing a career in surgery.

This award will provide financial support for these students in honour of Dr. Ross, a pioneering head and neck surgeon who saved the lives of many Island Health patients.

We thank you for your support in creating this award in memory of Dr. Michael Ross.

We are so very grateful for your generous contributions, helping Dr. Shung Lee, VI surgeons and the Victoria Medical Society create this award in of honour Dr. Michael Ross, this endowment scholarship award will be awarded annually to a deserving 4th year IMP student pursing a surgical specialty.

All additional gifts will help increase the amount of funds made available for the surgical students  – for ongoing giving we thank you and we encourage you to share your wonderful memories of Dr. Ross!



Michael Perchinsky, MD

Michael Ross will always be remembered as a gentle soul who made everyone around him have a better day, regardless of the situation. He will be dearly missed.

Matthew Robinson

A true renaissance man, Dr. Ross excelled at truly living life outside of the OR, through art, travel, and his epic wine making trips. I feel so fortunate that he always found time to allow himself to be drawn back to his surgical home away from home. He was incredibly dedicated to his patients and colleagues, and his mere presence in the OR always elevated the discourse from our typical mundane conversations to truly thoughtful discussions worth having. Quick to acknowledge the accomplishments of even the most junior member in the OR after a long surgery, I’ll remember him fondly, exiting the OR with his trademark exclamation “What a Team!”

Darlene Hammell

Michael Ross was a superb surgeon, gentle man and sincerely supportive colleague.
Decades ago I called Michael one night in a panic from a cabin somewhere mid Island anxiously convinced that my young son was suffering from epiglottitis. Michael listened kindly, asked some questions and calmly reassured me that this was not the case. He showed not a hint of annoyance for being disturbed by an anxious mother. He was the same with all his patients.
Dr Michael Ross was a true gentleman and we shall miss him

Maureen Murray

Will Orrom

I got to know Michael when I first arrived in Victoria in 2000. Always a good listener, always pleasant and a pleasure to work with in the OR. He set a good example of how to live a good life. I don’t think I’ll have the energy to keep doing what he did until late in life. He will be missed. What a great way to honour his name with this scholarship.

Kenneth Smith

Michael was a true gentleman and a wonderful surgical colleague. We shared patient beds on the combined Plastics/ENT wards, time on the links at VGC, and even “salsa lessons” after hours. His compassion for his patients and life was genuine, as is the focus of this scholarship. Michael would be honoured to see this cause supported in his memory.

Helen Edwards

Dr. Ross was my GP when I had just started working decades ago and was pretty ignorant about medical issues. I will never forget how patient he was with me explaining things that I had no idea about. He was a real gentleman and will be missed.


The physicians at VICTORIA EYE are honoured for the opportunity to recognize Dr. Ross’ tremendous contributions over six decades to his patients, to his colleagues and our community as a whole.

Tom Ruta

Michael was a superb surgeon and great conversationalist with a delightful sense of humour. Days in the operating room were pleasant and our anesthesia team enjoyed working with him. He definitely helped us all understand the importance of living a balanced life and was an engaging host when visiting his home for a social evening. He will remain a positive influence on all who knew him and a role model for IMP students who follow a career in surgery.

Alex Burnell

Michael was a long-term client of my chartered accountant practice. I was always impressed by his intelligence and professionalism but perhaps even more by his enthusiasm for what he did. He was always animated when we discussed what was going on in his profession and I am certain that his many patients and his colleagues benefited from his outstanding skills, love of medicine and his empathy. I have been retired for nearly ten years but he was certainly one of my clients that I looked forward to meeting with and was very saddened by his recent passing. Thank you to you and your colleagues for establishing this scholarship. It is extremely fitting that he should be remembered in this fashion.

Patrick Yang

I did not have the great fortune of working with or meeting Dr. Ross, but getting to know his legacy inspired me to donate. What a fantastic way for him to live on in our medical community


Malcolm Orr

A consummate physician and gentleman. A true renaissance man! He will be missed.

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